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wall : fantasy wall, digital. drawing/collage 2022.

opium :opium of the people, 2021.

nokia : missmynokia, scans/digital collag, 2020.

flag : tiretrax, flagshow@trixie, 2021.

For this flag i took inspiration from the fact the trixie used to be a garage and that there is a garage right next door


: grid compositions, 2022.

datastorm1 datastorm2 datastorm3 datastorm4 datastorm5 : data.storm, metal/glass/plexi, KABK GRD2020.

'Data.Storm' is an investigation into the importance of weather data for the accumulation of wealth through climate change, touching upon disaster capitalism. The very data that billions around the world depend on for their daily forecast. Tech companies are looking to privatize and monetize the access to this information. The monetization could bring an imbalance to the current weather system. Ruben Visser’s sculptural structure reminiscent of a weather station built almost three thousand years ago in Greece. Similar to the weatherman, Ruben Visser aims to interpret and influence the free available weather data. Through the use of images, sound and text he creates assemblage of symbols that aims to give the viewer an insight into the ongoing into the privatization of weather data.

positive.png : to turn a coconut shell into everything, trixie, 2021.

positive.png positive : building blocks, 2020.

Good friend of mine asked me to make a poster for him reminding him of these 6 points, for the poster i took inspiration from the meditative process of stone stacking, in a way the building blocks for his daily life.

painting : untitled, scan/digital collage 2021.

scrollradio : flyer scroll radio, garden sessions, 2021.

dancingdemon : dancing devil, 2021.

dragon : dragon, scan/diigital collage, 2021.

dotted : dotted grid compositon, scan/digital collage, 2022.

forest : faded forest, scan/digital collage, 2021.

: explosive, scans, digital collages.

wip wip

: dungeon series, oilpastel/pastel painting(work in progress), ongoing.

: augmented reality, digital collage, 2021.